Pay Station Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to use the Pay Stations?

The pay stations cost $.25 per every 30 minutes when paying with coins. When using a credit card to pay there is a minimum charge of $.75 per transaction.

What days are you required to pay for parking along Broad Avenue?

Paid parking along Broad Avenue and the adjacent side streets and parking lots is required Monday through Saturday. Sunday all parking is free. Legal Holidays are also free parking. For a list of legal holidays that do not require payment at the pay stations to park see below. (Holiday Schedule 2023)

What are the hours that you are required to pay for parking along Broad Avenue?

Between the hours of 10 am and 9 pm daily Monday through Saturday except legal holidays.

Do I need a receipt as proof of payment at the pay stations?

BNo, the receipt is for your records only and is not required to complete a parking transaction.

I tried printing out a receipt but nothing came out.

Most likely the pay station has run out of paper. You are not required to have a receipt as it is only a record of your transaction. If you need proof of the transaction and no receipt was available at the pay station please email [email protected] and we will be able to provide you with proof of your transaction.

Do I need to put the receipt on my car’s dashboard?

No, the receipt is for personal records only and the Traffic Enforcement Officers enforcing parking along Broad Avenue do not need to see the receipt on your dashboard as proof of time purchased.

Why do I have to enter my vehicle’s license plate?

The reason we require that each vehicle’s license plate be entered when purchasing time is that we utilize license plate reading technology to enforce paid parking along Broad Avenue.

What happens if I enter my vehicle’s license plate incorrectly?

Entering a vehicle’s license plate incorrectly can lead to your vehicle receiving a ticket. The license plate reading technology that the Traffic Enforcement Officer’s utilize to enforce parking reads license plates and requires that the plate be entered correctly or it runs the chance of being misidentified and ticketed.

Can I pay at any Pay Station?

Yes, payments may be paid at any pay station. Just be advised to make your payment promptly upon arrival to prevent being ticketed.

Is there an app I can use to pay remotely?

Yes, the Borough of Palisades Park uses the ParkSmarter App to allow people to pay for time remotely and even extend parking sessions without having to visit a pay station.

How much time can I purchase at once?

Customers are able to purchase up to 4 hours of time with one transaction.

Am I restricted to one parking spot after I make a payment?

No, by utilizing vehicle’s license plates to enforce the parking it allows customers to be able to move and park throughout the Broad Avenue parking area without having to purchase more time at the new location. Customers must be advised that they can only park at different locations while they still have time they paid for. Once the initial amount of time that was paid for runs out, they will need to purchase more time or they may be liable to be ticketed.

What should I do if the Pay Station I am trying to pay at is not working?

Please visit the nearest Pay Station or utilize the Park Smarter App to facilitate payment. You can reach out to [email protected] to let us know of any issues with the Pay Stations.

Why did I receive a ticket?

A ticket was issued for not having anytime purchased to park where paid parking is required. This could be due to the fact that payment was made and then the time expired or due to the fact that no payment was made. It could also be due to the fact that an incorrect license plate was entered into the license plate reading system leading it not to recognize the plate as having paid to park.

How do I pay my ticket?

Tickets can be paid online at or by mailing a check to the municipal court office.
Checks need to be made out to: Palisades Park Municipal Court
Mail all checks to:
Palisades Park Municipal Court
275 Broad Avenue
Palisades Park NJ 07650

I believe I was incorrectly issued a ticket. Is there a way to have it dismissed?

The only way to have a ticket dismissed is by having the Municipal Court Judge allow for the dismissal. In order to do this, you must fill out a plea by mail form as all courts in New Jersey are still closed to the public due to the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak. To get a plea by mail form please call the Palisades Park Municipal Court Office at 201-585-4115 and let them know you are interested in entering a not guilty plea for a parking ticket. They will take your address and mail the form to you. Complete the form, mail it back to the Municipal Court Office, and await the Judge’s decision regarding your parking ticket.

The NJ Court Plea by Mail Form can also be found here.

Do I have to pay if I parked on a side street or parking lot adjacent to Broad Ave?

Yes, any spot clearly defined on all side streets adjacent to Broad Avenue require paid parking in order to park. Please find the nearest Pay Station located on Broad Avenue and make a payment or pay using the ParkSmarter App. Parking in the Municipal Parking Lot (Henry Lot) next to 220 Broad Avenue across from Henry Avenue requires payment to park as well as the parking lot across from 1 West Palisades Boulevard behind Anthony’s pharmacy except for spots that have posted signs for Anthony’s Pharmacy only.

What if the Pay Station is not accepting credit cards?

If the Pay Station you are at is not accepting credit cards please pay utilizing coins or the Park Smarter App. You can also make a credit card payment at any other Pay Station in your general vicinity.

If I live on Broad Avenue, East Columbia Avenue, or adjacent to Broad Avenue am I allowed to park for free after 6 pm?

Vehicles registered to residents that live along the length of Broad Avenue, East Columbia Avenue between Broad Avenue and Roff Avenue and any adjacent street that has paid parking spots directly in front of a residence are allowed to park at paid parking spots “metered” after 6 pm daily without having to pay.

What if the Pay Station is not accepting coins?

If the pay station is not taking coins it most likely has a coin jam and requires maintenance. You will still be able to pay with a credit card, the ParkSmarter app or at any other Pay Station in your general vicinity.

What if my credit card gets stuck in the Pay Station?

Please call 201-944-0900 and click non-emergency. Once you get through to a dispatcher let them know your location and we will try to have someone come remove the card for you. If no one is available at the time, it is advisable to reach out to your card carrier and have the card canceled. We will remove the card as soon as possible at try to reach out to return it to you. Please make sure to leave your information with the dispatcher so we can return the card to you.